Megan's Special Treat

 Megan is six. As a special treat, Mummy took her to the cinema to see a film about the Wild Thornberries.

It wasn't the first time she had been to the pictures, but it was the first time she has gone with some of Mummy's grown up friends. Strangers! As she was the only child there, she felt very important. They even got popcorn even though it was only in the morning before lunch.

What an exciting time she had!

First of all, she was allowed to wear her new sheepskin coat as it was a very cold morning.

Secondly , alhough the wind had ruffled her hair, Mummy didn't mess about with it too much.

Thirdly they were in time. They were already in the car park when they saw Mummy's friends draw up in their car. Gosh,their car was full of people and one was so old, he even had a walking stick. Megan thought there were four people. She knew because whe knew how to count!

The new people smiled a lot and talked to Mummy and then to Megan.

"Hello. Do you remember me,Megan? I used to babysit you.""

Megan nodded to the youngest lady, who had long,long hair.

"This is my Mum and Dad, Anne and John", she said "you won't remember them - you were still in your pram when they saw you first."

Megan looked at them, surprised. "Are they coming, as well?"

*Yes, of course. We like the Wild Thornberries as well."they nodded. "Did you think little girls were the only peopLe who liked them? Dad laughs so much at Nigel and Darwin that he has to wipe his eyes" Fiona added.

Then they all went inside and sat in a row which was halfway beteween the back of the big room and the front.
The seats were big and comfortable and were all facing one wall. This wall was called the screen and the pictures soon appeared on it. Also sound started to come from all around. It was very loud and everybody had to put their fingers in their ears, it was so loud. We all sat there just like that and we must have looked very funny sitting in a row, all with our hands over our ears.

Uncle John announced "We must all look like the Wise Monkeys!" Fiona and Mummy laughed. "After the adverts are over, they'll turn it down a bit,"

Soon enough, after the silly adverts had stopped, the main film started.

"Thank goodness they've turned the sound down a bit" Mummy whispered to me,"I was going to complain."

The story went on a long time and was very exciting. It was lucky we had some popcorn with us, as I began to feel hungry and had a few mouthfuls.

"That's enough! You won't be able for your lunch,"Mummy said.

After we had sat in the cinema the whole morning, the film finished and we all said our goodbyes and went home.
We DID enjoy the story, especially the grown ups. I'm glad, because that means they will take me to the cinema again.

The End


By John Cheyne Click here to visit John's Page