Katherine pretends to be a boy!

It is almost Davie's first birthday and he was wondering who he should invite to my party. For a kitten, he have lots of friends, and some of them are even human. One of these is Katherine, who is nearly seven and lives in a house nearby with her Mum and Dad. Today Katherine told Davie a secret, which she asked me to tell only to you, so you won't tell anyone else, will you?

Katherine said that she had played in a football team with some boys. I was surprised because girls DON'T play football with boys here. They can't because the local boys don't allow it (and say that girls can't play football anyway). Dad didn't believe this story either, so he asked Katherine's Mum what had happened.

"It was very funny", she laughed, "we went to a Car Boot Sale at the primary school just down the road, not the one that Katherine's at, because I wanted to see if they had any stuff for the garden. Katherine saw a boy's football team practising on their football pitch and wanted to join in. I said 'No', because she would get muddy and the boys wouldn't let her anyway."

"But, Mum, I am wearing my old jeans and it won't matter if I get dirty", Katherine whispered, "and they don't know I'm a girl. I've just got a new haircut and my two front teeth have just come out, so I can't speak properly. You call me Matthew and I'll pretend I'm a boy"!

Katherine's Mum thought this would be a good joke and she spoke very loudly, so the boys would hear:

"Matthew, I don't want you getting all dirty, you aren't dressed for football".

"But, Mum, can't I just have a quick kick of the ball? I promise I won't get muddy."

"Oh, all right, but be quick as I want to see if there is any garden stuff left."

So Katherine dashed off to join the boys and the biggest one there smiled at her and said:

"Hey, Matthew, have a shot at goal!"

"Thank you", replied Katherine, winding up to take a run at the ball.

She kicked just wide of the goalkeeper, but he moved and caught the ball easily.

"Bad luck, Matthew," said the big boy, "better luck next time".

So Katherine tried again. This time the goalkeeper didn't save it.

"Come along, Matthew", said Katherine's Mum, trying hard not to grin, "That's enough. We can't play football all day and we've got to get those plants before they are all gone"

"Oh, all right, Mum" replied Katherine reluctantly, "See you sometime, lads".

"Right on, Matthew", they all said.

Then Katherine and her Mum finished their visit to the footballers and went off to see if they could find the plants they had come to buy. After they got home, they came to tell me and Dad. He laughed too, but thought it was clever of Katherine to pretend she was a boy. Her Mum said the boys never guessed and still think Katherine is a boy called Matthew.

All this started Davie and Dad thinking. If a boy cat could pretend to be a girl cat, like Emmy next door, Biggles (Emmy's boyfriend) wouldn't bully him any more.

"Not a good idea," Dad said, "Biggles will take one sniff and find you out straight away. Then you WOULD have to run!"

"It's true", I thought sadly, "Biggles knows me too well already."

Perhaps I could try being a girl cat somewhere else. What do you think?


By John Cheyne Click here to visit John's Page