Rescuing Maisie

“How much is that grey rabbit in your window?” Andy’s Granddad asked the shopkeeper.

“Oh that one’s going cheap. No one likes her grey colour. She’s a friendly rabbit, no trouble. A snip at a fiver.”

The shopkeeper grinned as he thought he was going to get rid of the rabbit that had been in the shop for weeks. If she wasn’t sold this week, he would have to get rid of her, but patience looked as if it was ‘paying off‘.

“We’re going to make the hutch for it. I still have some plans I used for the hutch I made for young Andy’s father when he was a boy. All I need is some wire netting, which the rabbit won’t be able to chew through. Have you got any?”

“Yes, sir. Fifty pence a metre.” The shopkeeper raised his eyebrows. “How much do you want?”

“Oh a metre will be enough. I’ve got plenty of old wood for the walls and more than enough nails, so all I need is the wire netting.

“I can do that for you now, if you want.”

GrandDad smiled. “Oh there’s no rush. I’ll be in for the rabbit next Tuesday morning, Andy’s birthday. Has it been checked over by the vet and got a name?”

“Yes, to the first question. The vet gave her a clean bill of health. And ‘no’ to your second. question. We’re leaving it up to the Customer to name her”, the shopkeeper replied.

“Great” said Andy’s grandfather. “My Grandson will love thinking up a name for her!”

When the rabbit came to stay in Andy’s garden and he saw her for the first time, he said “isn’t she lovely? I think I’ll call her Maisie, just like Dad called his rabbit.”

The End

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