Naughty Roxy

When we lived at our old house and Dad worked in London, he had to take the train there every day. Sometimes he came home late because there had been a problem with the railway and he was stuck on the train waiting until the signal said it could move.

One day he told us the train stopped in the middle of nowhere and nobody in the train compartment said anything for a few minutes. Then a lady said out loud, “My cat would make quite a fuss if I kept her outside for this length of time without speaking to her!

“My cat gets upset too, if he’s ignored,” Dad replied , “We call him Davie. What’s your one called?”

“I call her Roxy”

“What a lovely name”, he said, “Why do you call her Roxy?"

The lady smiled as she told the story. "I’ve always liked Pop music and it's after the name of a Band I knew when I was growing up. They were very noisy, and so is she!

Dad smiled and told everybody in the compartment (who by this time were all listening) that Davie had a loud voice as well.

After this, all of them sitting round started to swap stories and the time passed very quickly. They soon found out that Roxy's 'Mum' liked giving her lots of cuddles and that she had short hair and a tail, with black and white splodges all over.

They lived in a flat on the ground floor of a big old house, which didn’t have a cat flap in the kitchen door. This meant that when Roxy wanted to go out the lady had to open a window for her. She went on to say that Roxy always makes the window sills muddy after it had been raining!

Our Davie has a cat flap to himself, but he doesn't wipe his feet either! I wonder if anybody has a pet who wipes their paws when they come home?

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