His birth was contrary to the laws of life,
His death was contrary to the laws of death;
He had no cornfields or fisheries,
But He could spread a table for five thousand
And have bread and fish to spare!
He walked on no beautiful carpets or velvet rugs,
But He walked on the waters of the Sea of Galilee
And they supported Him!
When He died, few men mourned,
But a black crepe was hung over the sun!
The men trembled not for their sins,
The earth beneath them
Shook under the load!
All nature honored Him!
Sinners alone rejected Him!
Corruption could not get hold of His body;
The soil that had been reddened with His blood
Could not claim His dust!
Three years He preached His gospel;
He wrote no book,
Built no church-house,
Had no monetary backing;
But after 1900 years,
He is the one Central Character in human history;
The pivot, around which
The events of the ages revolve,
And the only Regenerator of the human race!
Was it merely the Son of Joseph and Mary
Who crossed the world's horizon 1900 years ago?
Was it merely human blood
That was spilled on Calvary's Hill
For the redemption of sinners?
What thinking man
Can keep from exclaiming
My Lord and My God!




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