He carried the cross to Calvary,
Carried his burden for you and me,
There on the cross he was crucified
And, because He suffered and bled and died,
We know whatever  'OUR CROSS' may be,
It leads to God and ETERNITY ..
For who can hope for 'crown of stars'
Unless it is earned by suffering and scars,
for how can we face the living Lord
And rightfully claim His promised reward
If we have not carried his cross with care
And tasted the cup of bitter despair...
Let those who earn for the pleasures of life,
And long to escape all suffering and strife,
Rush recklessly on to an 'empty goal'
with never a thought of the spirit and soul...
but if you are searching to find the way
to life everlasting and eternal day-
With Faith in your heart take the path he trod, For the WAY OF THE CROSS  is the WAY TO GOD.




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